Friday, February 11, 2011

Ah, I Understand.

It's not the first time.

No, I've actually spent my whole life doing everything I could to undermine the whole V-day thing.

It isn't just V-Day, you know.

Parts of the world, at one point upon a time, spent their time flogging nubile maidens prior to their subsequent entertainments.

It was de rigeur, in the day.

Me, not so much.

While I don't subscribe to anything legitimate to the Pink Holiday (as it was known to the more Delicately Ascribed members of my coterie), I have a few things to say about its moments that make the rest of us look like dilholes (accuracy left to what you SHOULD have said):

"You are the Best! Thing! Ever!"

"Holy &^%*! Oh please, please, let me *%^&*(!!!!!!"

"Oh, hey, mind if I spend the whole rest of my life doing everything I possibly can to make you realize how wonderful you are, how desireable you are, and how much I wish I could spend every second with you?"