Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trifecta Challenge 74

When the call came for the Exodus, Lucas was not ready.

     “That’s fine,” the Council said.  “We needed a Remembrancer to stay behind.  Lock the door behind us when we leave.”

     It took the Prognosticator half a bag of burning Clee, three Ecstasies assuring success, and, finally, a really hard shove to get Lucas’ mother onto the ship.  She howled the whole way, beating her fists against the portals and mouthing dire portents as Lucas waved from the launch arena.

     Lucas, finally alone in the rows of burgeoning garden plantings, smiled up at the crimson sky and could not remember a thing.

     On purpose.


Draug said...

lmfao I love those last two lines. This is really great.

Anonymous said...

There were so many great things going on here: rich wording, fascinating story, fun ending. Loved it!

Brian said...

This was really impressive. I loved the tone, the pace, the whole concept. Awesome story

Trifecta said...

Love the feel of this, so imaginative. At Trifecta we are always looking for the third definition of the word in it's original form.
Thanks for linking up!

lumdog2012 said...

Great, clever choices of words. Nice job.